Tom Brevoort Talks the Original Hulk’s Return in the Comics

Tom Brevoort was being interviewed for the upcoming No Surrender’s storyline and the hinted at return of the Hulk. This is what he had to say:

-Another “No Surrender” character we should talk about is the emerald-hued founder who was in the recent dental-themed teaser, which was designed to raise a lot of questions. When will those questions about the Hulk be answered?

-That teaser is definitely an important part of the “No Surrender” story. It’s a more important part of the second half than the first half. So that character will get prominent focus, but there is a reason that teaser says March rather than January. That’s because it’s really more a part of the back eight issues than the front eight issues.

So yes, those big teeth are going to appear in Avengers! So bring your floss. It’s going to be that kind of adventure.

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