Gladiator Hulk Comicave Studios Podz Figure

Another day and another Gladiator Hulk figure coming out of nowhere. Thanks to eagle eye Jeff, we now know of a Gladiator Hulk Comicave Studios Podz figure. Comicave Studios has already created a line of other Podz figures for Disney and Spongebob as well as a few others and looks like they are getting into Marvel characters now. You can pre-order it here: Podz

Some information on the Podz figures:
-Comicave Studios’ “podz: show and store” products allow you to show off your favorite figurines using podz as a display showcase
-Includes miniature Thor Ragnarok figure as seen in the movie, a polycarbonate food Grade and shatter-proof container, and a food Grade silicon lid
-You can store little items in your podz by simply flipping the container upside down, placing your favorite items in the container, sealing the food Grade silicon lid, and placing your figure on top!
-Podz are approximately 4.5-Inches tall and 3.2-Inches wide and are food-friendly!

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