Incredible Hulk Issue 238 Page 6 Original Comic Book Artwork

Can’t get enough Sal Buscema original Hulk artwork. Was lucky enough to pick up another page from his earlier run on the book, namely issue 238, page 6. Great pencils by Sal with inks by Jack Abel. I will never be able to afford the classic cover from this issue but at least I can get the scene from inside the book. Happy to have this in my collection.



4 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Issue 238 Page 6 Original Comic Book Artwork

  1. Very cool. #238 was the first issue of Incredible Hulk I ever got. My grandmother let me pick out a comic book from the spinner at the grocery store as we were checking out (remember those?), and that cover jumped out compared to all the other books.

  2. Cool! This was one of my first comics as a kid. It was in a 3 pack with next two issues. I read and Silly Puttied them so much, the covers came off. It took me years to get the conclusion to that story. Good times.

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