Dale Keown Planet Hulk Commission

I’ve been collecting Incredible Hulk comic books for the past 40+ years but there was a short dark period when I first started college that I stopped buying comic books. Once I came to my senses, I went to the local comic shop in town and bought the issues I missed. Those were the first issues by Dale Keown and I was blown away by the amazing new artist that was drawing my favorite comic book character. Needless to say, I was pulled back into the book and never looked back. Dale quickly became one of my favorite artists of all time, he put some much immensity to the Hulk. I was lucky enough to get a great page of original artwork from his run but I have always wanted a commission from him, especially since I started my Planet Hulk sketch book eight years ago. Dale doesn’t do a lot of conventions so when I saw he was going to be at Fan Expo in Toronto last year, I knew I had to go. My fellow gamma-bro Jade Giant and I drove up and managed to spend a weekend talking with Dale and watching him draw some really cool sketches. He was cool enough to do this INCREDIBLE Planet Hulk sketch in my book and this is pretty much a bucket item checked off my list. There is so much detail and work is the piece, I can look at it for hours. Can’t thank Dale enough for doing the piece! Also a huge thanks to his rep Gin Kung for helping make this happen. Check out Gin’s website at www.comicparadise.ca and see all the great artists along with Dale that he reps.



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