Cosbaby Gladiator Hulk Bobble Head Figure

Similar to Funko POPs, this is a bobble head Gladiator Hulk from the Thor Ragnarok from the Cosbaby line. They have done other Marvel characters before, including a Hulk, but this is there best one of course. This is not available in the US (probably because Funko has the Marvel bobble head license) but you can get them on eBay from sellers in Hong Kong. Pretty cool looking, I like that they used felt for the helmet instead of plastic. There is another version of this included in a 3-set that has a chrome helmet.

King Hulk and Red King Minimates

Hot on the heals of the great Thor Ragnarok movie, Art Asylum has released a set of Minimates based on the Planet Hulk storyline. Near the end of the story, the Hulk becomes the ruler of Sakaar and is named the king. Of course he had to defeat the previous king, namely the Red King. The Red King comes with a change out head in case you want to see his face or just armor. The Hulk also has a pin on his back so not sure if it was just a re-use of another Hulk body piece that had a pin or if they were planning on adding something that would connect to his back. Nice to get another Hulk minimate, can never get enough of those, but really cool to get a Red King. Would be awesome if they did a boxed set with the Warbound.

Gladiator Hulk Comicave Studios Podz Figure

Another day and another Gladiator Hulk figure coming out of nowhere. Thanks to eagle eye Jeff, we now know of a Gladiator Hulk Comicave Studios Podz figure. Comicave Studios has already created a line of other Podz figures for Disney and Spongebob as well as a few others and looks like they are getting into Marvel characters now. You can pre-order it here: Podz

Some information on the Podz figures:
-Comicave Studios’ “podz: show and store” products allow you to show off your favorite figurines using podz as a display showcase
-Includes miniature Thor Ragnarok figure as seen in the movie, a polycarbonate food Grade and shatter-proof container, and a food Grade silicon lid
-You can store little items in your podz by simply flipping the container upside down, placing your favorite items in the container, sealing the food Grade silicon lid, and placing your figure on top!
-Podz are approximately 4.5-Inches tall and 3.2-Inches wide and are food-friendly!

Mighty Muggs Incredible Hulk with Changing Face

Mighty Muggs are back!! And they have made improvements to them, now you can press the top of their head and his face changes. There are three Hulk faces: angry, smirk, and confused. With how popular Funko POP! figures have been, it isn’t too surprising that Muggs have come back. The original ones were just a little ahead of their time. Curious to see what they do with them next.

Funko Retro Gladiator Hulk Target Exclusive POP Figure

Target is really knocking it out of the park with their Thor Ragnarok exclusives from Funko. Besides the 10″ Gladiator Hulk POP figure (awesome), they also had this retro colored Gladiator Hulk set that also came with a very cool looking tshirt of Gladiator Hulk vs Thor. If you saw the Thor movie, you know that there were very bright colors used in the movie and this is a perfect representation. Never would of thought that I would ever see a Hulk Funko POP with these colors but I am happy to add it to my collection. Even the box has great graphics on it, just like an old fashioned boxing match poster. These are only available on-line at Target so don’t go looking for it in their stores.

Large Funko Gladiator Hulk POP Target Exclusive Figure

This is the best POP figure that Funko has ever made and will ever make. This is a huge Gladiator Hulk POP figure that was exclusive to Target. It is exactly like the normal sized Gladiator Hulk figure except that it’s HUGE!!!!!! Very hard to track down and find but worth the search. This will be a center piece in your Hulk or POP figure collection.

Marvel Legends 14″ Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Marvel Comics was putting out very large 12″ figures under the Marvel Legends line and they finally got around to making the Hulk! And bonus is the Hulk figure is 14″ tall so it is larger than the other figures just like the Hulk is in the comics. This actually came out a few months ago, I just waited til the price came down. This figure is incredible, the sculpt and details are great and the figure comes with two heads and two sets of hands. I prefer the face with the open mouth, it looks more comic accurate in my opinion. This figure is a solid piece of plastic and weighs a bunch which makes me feel good about the price. Even the box is great, the graphics look great and it has a semi-holographic feel to it. You need to get this for your collection.

Marvel Collector Corp Gladiator Hulk Keychain

The wee smallest figure that Funko makes is their keychain figures. Exactly like the POP figures but tiny. The helmet version of Gladiator Hulk was in the Marvel Collector Corp plus someone I work with got me the non-helmet version which I had not picked up yet. The great thing is that you can just screw the keychain out of their head and display them just like little figures with the rest of your collection. Fun!

Marvel Collector Corp 1st Appearance Hulk and Bruce Banner Funko POP Set

This is the best item in the Hulk themed Marvel Collector Corp box for sure! Was always hoping for a grey Hulk figure, never figured it would be as a 1st appearance set. They did a great job on representing the cover for the first issue of the Hulk comic book, the Hulk figure is actually bigger than standard Funko POP figures so you get to see how big the Hulk really should be compared against the other Marvel heroes. You need this one for your collection.

Funko Marvel Collector Corp Hulk Dorbz Stress Squeeze Figure

When I first saw this in the box, I thought it was just a repeat of the original Hulk Dorbz but it is actually a little bigger than a regular Dorbz and it is squeezable! I am sure most people have seen the squeezable stress balls people have at work, well this is the next best thing! If you don’t want to do that, you can just display with your figures, no one will know the difference!