Walgreens Exclusive Speed Energy Hulk Minimates Figure

Not sure what the Speed Energy means but I won’t argue with another Hulk Minimates figure, this one an exclusive at Walgreens. My local store never got it so I ended up getting it off the ‘Bay. Looks cool and it glows in the dark!

Ooshies Incredible Hulk Pencil Topper

Apparently pencil toppers are back in style. There are a ton of Marvel and DC toppers called Ooshies. They have a cute little Hulk and a She-Hulk. They also have a hard to find Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk version.

Incredible Hulk Lego Brickheadz

Lego has released a line called Brickheadz of Marvel and DC Superheroes and of course they have a Hulk. They are around 3 inches high and I have to say they are pretty fun figures. They even has red pieces on the inside for his heart and a pink piece for his brain.

Thor Ragnarok Movie Lego Sets Including Actual Planet Hulk Lego Figure

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I would see an official actual Planet Hulk Lego figure from Lego, I would have said no way. Well with the forthcoming Thor Ragnarok movie it looks like we will get at least one Planet Hulk figure. There is an auction up on eBay for just the Planet Hulk figure from one of the movie Lego sets. Seller is asking a LOT of money for it, I can wait. Sounds like there will be two sets, needless to say, I will be getting both.

Set #1
-Gladiator Ring
-Gladiator Hulk, Thor (with helmet mold), Loki, Grandmaster, and a guard

Set #2
-Ship build
-Bruce Banner (about to change to Hulk), Thor (with helmet mold), Valkyrie, Hela, and two henchmen

Planet Hulk lego

Marvel Titan Series Hulk Action Figure 3rd Version

Hasbro has come out with yet a 3rd version of their Titan Series Hulk and this is the best so far for a couple reason. It has a new body and face sculpt along with green color and even has more articulation than the previous versions. The box is also more Hulk centric which is an improvement too. The body chest size is a little smaller but it still is a pretty good looking figure. These are geared more towards smaller kids but still fun to have in a collection. There is a comparison between the 1st and 3rd version to show the changes.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Maestro Action Figure

Always glad to see an incarnation of the Hulk come along and we get the recent version of the Maestro from the Contest of Champions comic book series. The smaller Infinite Series figures can be hit or miss on paint and sculpt but this one is perfect in every way. The paint job is great and the sculpting is spot on. Even if you don’t collect a lot of Hulk figures, this is one to find for sure.