Playskool Heroes Throwing Incredible Hulk Action Figure

I thought I had stumbled across all the Playskool Hulk figures but I found this one at Target. Just a simple figure who has arm throwing action. Not sure what exactly he is packed with but you pull his arm back and he throws it.

Avengers Animated Series Incredible Hulk Action Figure

I didn’t even know this line was coming out, looks to be based on the current Marvel’s Avengers animated cartoon. The Hulk figure isn’t too bad, if you have seen the cartoon, the look of the Hulk figure. Not a lot of articulation but a good Hulk figure none the less.

Marvel Superheroes Adventure Incredible Hulk Robot

Not sure how long this has been out but I stumbled across it in Target this week. It’s a big robotic Hulk and the little Superheroes Adventure Hulk figures fit inside. Pretty limited articulation but a cool add to the Hulk robot collection.

Marvel Universe Infinite Series Valkyrie Action Figure

I had forgotten this came out because it was impossible to find in the store and they were selling for like $40 on ebay which I was not willing to pay for this small of a figure. Then lo and behold, I was in 5 Below yesterday and found it for $5. Can’t beat that deal, happy to add it to my collection.

Tsum Tsum Green Hulk Figures

Still not sure what Tsum Tsums are but they have come out with a wave 2 with a green version to go along with the grey version in the first wave. They are fun little figures.

Tsum Tsum Grey Hulk Figures

I really have no idea what the heck the deal is with the Tsum Tsum figures all over the place. I do know that they are doing Marvel versions so what can you do. The first wave had the green Hulk on the packaging but only have grey Hulk figures. The second was that just started coming out does have the green versions. Look, they’re stackable!

Marvel Infinite Series Sandman Figure

I wasn’t planning on getting this figure since I have a number of Sandman figures already in my Hulk villain’s section of action figures but since I was due another free figure from Target, I decided to pick it up. And I lucked out and found this version of the figure, all sandy looking, as opposed to the more common version with his regular colored street clothes. Pretty cool looking figure, now I just have to get around to getting the recent BAF Sandman from the Legends series.

Marvel Universe Hercules Action Figure

Hercules has been a friend/rival of the Hulk for a long time, in fact he tool over the Hulk’s book for a couple issues a few years back. Nice sculpted Marvel Universe figure from Hasbro, even comes with his traditional mace weapon. He’s been on a few adventures with the Hulk and is always looking to show everyone he is the best (we all know the Hulk is really the best though.)

Superhero Mashers Micro Hulk and Smash Dozer Action Figure

Marvel is still releasing more of the popular Mashers series with the Micro versions. This is a Hulk that comes with his own Hulkized bulldozer. Fun Hulk toys to have and they are going to be making some more of them.