Funko Pop Exclusive Avengers Incredible Hulk Figures

Finally managed to get the two exclusive versions of the Avengers Age of Ultron Funko Pop Incredible Hulk figure. The Barnes and Noble exclusive is pretty much exactly like the regular version but it glows in the dark. Tried it and it glows pretty well also. The Hot Topic figure is the enraged Hulk from the movie where the Scarlet Witch possessed the Hulk. The Hulk has the reddish eyes and off-color skin like they had originally talked about for the movie but changed their minds. Hoping they make some other incarnations of the Hulk, very fun figures to have around.

Avengers Savage Hulk & Ultron Hunter Iron Man Figures 2 Pack

I don’t remember seeing this set come out when all the other Avengers Age of Ultron merchandise was released, only saw it a few weeks ago or so. Only picked it up because it is the Hulk after all but not the best Hulk action figure, that’s for sure. The sculpt is pretty basic and very limited articulation. It took me a couple minutes to find the right way to adjust the arms so that the figure would even stand up by itself. Definitely geared towards the small kid who is going to leave it lying on the floor and not on a shelf.

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Target has an exclusive 3 Pack which features a new version of the Hulk, Vision, and Ultron. Of course all I care about is the Hulk figure. The body is a reuse but it is a new head so that’s cool. It seems to be based off of the artwork from the recent Mark Waid run. An overall great looking Hulk figure and worth picking up.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Valkyrie Action Figure

For all those people trying to put together a good Defenders scene using their Marvel Legends figure, you can now have a great Valkyrie figure. And it is a great sculpt too, they did a great job on the face and the overall figure. Plus, I could get her to stand up by herself easily, which seems to be a problem with the female Legends figures I have gotten in the past. Go find this figure.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Thundra Action Figure

The latest wave of Marvel Legends by Hasbro is out and it has some great Hulk related characters plus each figure comes with a piece of a big a figure Hulkbuster and that thing is HUGE! I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick up Thundra at first. She is more of a Fantastic Four character but given that the Hulk and Thundra had a daughter together, I figure I should pick her up. She is a really good sculpt but like all the women Legends figures, she is hard to stand up. Still worth picking up for Hulk fans.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Dr. Strange Action Figure

The latest wave of Marvel Legends by Hasbro is out and it has some great Hulk related characters plus each figure comes with a piece of a big a figure Hulkbuster and that thing is HUGE! There is a new version of Dr. Strange in his current uniform in the comics. I am an old school comic kind of guy but I have to say I really like his new look a lot more than his traditional look. Makes him look a bit more badass. The figure comes with two rings you can put around his hands to show him casting spells. Really worth picking up for a newer version of the Defenders.

Walgreens Exclusive Incredible Hulk Minimates Action Figure

Walgreens seems to be getting more and more into toys with some other exclusive Marvel Legends action figures. They will also be getting an exclusive wave of Minimates figures which will include a different colored version of the Hulkbuster (which I will need to get of course). As a warm up to that set, they have a 2-pack exclusive set with Captain America and a new Hulk. Hulk looks great of course, comes with a change out head that features a smiling Hulk. Of course that smile looks a bit not trustworthy to me. The box says mix and match parts so not sure if they are wanting the kids to mix the Captain America and Hulk parts or what? Maybe trying to show how fun the figures can be for little ones? Anyways, as always, very glad to get another Hulk minimates figure!

Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Bruce Banner Action Figure

With the wave of Avengers Age of Ultron figures from Minimates, there was a Toys-R-Us exclusive which featured a new Bruce Banner figure. It comes with his lab coat of course but also comes with a switch out head where his eyes are green as if he is just going to change into the Hulk which is a pretty cool add for the set.

Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Hulkbuster Iron Man Action Figure

One of the best scenes in the Avengers Age of Ultron was when Hulkbuster Iron Man fought the Hulk (although the ending was not quite accurate). Minimates released a set with the Avengers wave with a very cool looking Hulkbuster Iron Man figure which features the top that opens to reveal the smaller Iron Man head underneath. Very cool.

Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Rampaging Hulk Action Figure

This is the second Hulk from the Minimates Avengers Age of Ultron wave of figures and this is for the scene where the Hulk is enchanted by the Scarlet Witch and starts rampaging. If you notice, his skin almost looks grey in color, along with the red eyes. Marvel actually said they were considering the Hulk to turn actually grey during that scene but decided against it. Maybe the figure was finalized and put into production before they changed their mind. This Hulk came with the Hulkbuster Iron Man figure who he fought in the scene.