Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk Action Figure

I am always glad to see a new Incredible Hulk figure hit the shelves, no matter what it looks like. Lucky for me this is a good looking figure. Actually it is a great looking figure. The body of the sculpt is a good sculpt, it’s a pretty basic body but still good detail. The key to this figure is his face. A bad face sculpt can really ruin a figure but the sculptor on this figure did an amazing job. Sometimes the prototype figure ends up looking better than the actual figure but in this case the face looks better than the prototype shown on the back. Bravo on this figure. The figure is a little tricky to stand up, he has to lean over a little bit but not too bad. Go out and try to find this figure now!

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hellcat Action Figure

The latest wave of Legends figures is finally hitting stores and I was lucky enough to find a set at Target. Had to pick up this Hellcat figure as she was a Defender for quite some time, many times with the Hulk, so it needs to be added to my collection. A really nice sculpt except she is a little hard to get to stand up. It seems that a lot of the women Legends figures that I have gotten have a hard time standing straight. Still a good looking figure. Comes with pieces to a build of figure of Thanos of his head and one arm.

Funko Pop! Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk Vinyl Bobble-head

A few years ago, a company called Funko started releasing these little bobble-heads with black, round eyes. Needless to say, they instantly became hugely popular and there are Pop! figures for every popular movie or tv show out there. With the Avengers Age of Ultron coming up, Funko has started to release their figures related to that movie. Found the Hulk at Target this week and strangely enough I didn’t see any of the other figures from the wave. This Hulk figure looks just as good as the first Hulk they put out. He looks even more angry than the first one, go out and get one now!

Avengers Age of Ultron Hot Toys Incredible Hulk 1/6 Scale Deluxe Figure From SideShow Toys

It looks like Sideshow and Hot Toys are releasing a new version of the Incredible Hulk with the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron movie. See the figure specs below along with some great images along. Pricing is $374.99 and it will ship between November 2015 and January 2016. The figure looks good except for the hair. It looks a bit too poofy for my tastes otherwise another great looking figure.

16.53″ H (419.86mm)*

Authentic and detailed likeness of Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron
A newly developed screaming head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs
An interchangeable newly sculpted angry head with separate rolling eyeballs
Movie-accurate facial expression featuring his angry look with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
Approximately 42 cm
Giant green-skinned muscular body featuring detailed skin texture and tendons, with over 20 points of articulation, and built-in joints in neck and arms which allow flexible movement
An interchangeable non-articulated Hulk smash pose giant green-skinned muscular upper body
Two (2) pairs of interchangeable palms including:
– One (1) pair of relaxed palms
– One (1) pair of forceful fists
Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted


One (1) pair of grey shorts with texture

Avengers Age of Ultron Titan Hero Tech Incredible Hulk Figure

This is another Hulk figure that goes along with the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron movie. It is a pretty tall figure but is mainly just made to be interactive. The plastic is very hard and there are only four points of articulation. It looks like his head is supposed to move but it doesn’t seem to when I try and I don’t want to break it. You push a button in his chest and he has a multitude of sayings. The cool thing is that if you push his button when the figure is near a Hulkbuster Titan Hero Tech, they will talk to each other. The Hulkbuster looks pretty darn cool so I am hoping to pick that one up to. The sculpting on this figure is really good, the face likeness is good compared to what was in the movie. Wish it was a bit more action figurery but still a cool Hulk figure to have standing up on your shelf. The sayings are:
“Nothing can stop the Hulk”
‘sounds of foot stomping’
“Avengers Hulk’s friends”
“Hulk smash!”
“Hulk smash puny robot”
‘sounds of cars getting smashed and car alarm going off’
‘sounds of destruction and things breaking’
“Hulk’s the strongest!”

Toy Fair 2015 Incredible Hulk News Part 1

Hasbro will have some Hulk figures:

6″ Marvel Legends 3-pack which will be exclusive to Target Stores. This set will include Doc Green, Vision (White) and a new comic based Ultron. (I think they mean Doc Green from the current Hulk comic series but he really should have a mohawk like he does in the comic book. Still cool to get another Hulk figure)

Infinite Series Avengers Wave 3 will feature a really cool looking Build-a-Figure Hulkbuster

Amazon Exclusive 6″ Marvel Legends Age Of Ultron Movie Figures which will feature a Bruce Banner figure that looks like Mark Ruffalo

Hulk Buster Smash Lego Set which looks to feature a new colored Hulk.

Besides the new Funko Hulk Avengers toys I posted earlier, they also showed four, yes four, versions of a Hulk in the Hikari line. One is a red Hulk so I won’t be getting that one but I am sure as heck going to try and get the other three.

Hopefully there will be some more Hulk related news as the Toy Fair continues.

Avengers Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster Mini Action Figure Set

The next Avengers movie is just around the corner and the toys keep coming! This is a set if mini action figures featuring the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster armor. This is probably the smallest Hulk figure that they will be releasing for the movie, only 5 points of articulation. The sculpt is okay, can’t have a lot of detail due to the small size of it and lot the other main movie toys, it is geared towards small kids. The Hulkbuster armor is pretty cool, you can open it up and put in an Iron Man figure from another set. The only problem, similar to the problem I had with the other movie Hulk figure, is that he just doesn’t seem to want to stand up straight. I have to arrange his feet so that it looks like he is leaning over just so he wouldn’t fall over. Little frustrating. When I picked up this set from Target, there was also another smaller set of just the Hulk figure with a sub-ultron figure. The Hulk was exactly the same, even the pants color was the same. I am not collecting every single Hulk toy anymore and since the figure was exactly the same, I didn’t pick it up, just took a pic. If they had done anything to make it unique, I would have picked it up for sure.

Avengers Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Toys and action figures for the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron movie are already starting to come out! Yay!!! I have found a couple so far, one of them being this small Incredible Hulk action figure. There is very limited articulation and it is definitely geared more towards kids who will actually play with it. The sculpting isn’t too bad for the size of the figure but I would say this is just an average figure. If you are Hulk collector, you should pick it up but otherwise leave it to the kids. I noticed for my figure that you have to have his arms outstretched if you want him to stand up or you have to have him hunched over.

Infinity Set Armored Incredible Hulk Minimates Action Figure

Back in May of last year, Art Asylum was having a contest to decide who would go into the Infinity 4-pack set of Minimates figures and the Hulk was one of the options and I was glad when he won one of the spots. The set is finally out and I managed to get one of the figures. Another great Minimates figure except the top of his legs seem to be a bit thicker than maybe they should be, his legs are hard to move and I didn’t try too hard for fear of breaking one of them. He did come with a clear plastic disk with a peg that he can stand out so that helps. This Hulk has the armor from Mark Waid’s run. Always, always glad to add another Hulk Minimates figure to my collection.