Tsum Tsum Grey Hulk Figures

I really have no idea what the heck the deal is with the Tsum Tsum figures all over the place. I do know that they are doing Marvel versions so what can you do. The first wave had the green Hulk on the packaging but only have grey Hulk figures. The second was that just started coming out does have the green versions. Look, they’re stackable!

Marvel Infinite Series Sandman Figure

I wasn’t planning on getting this figure since I have a number of Sandman figures already in my Hulk villain’s section of action figures but since I was due another free figure from Target, I decided to pick it up. And I lucked out and found this version of the figure, all sandy looking, as opposed to the more common version with his regular colored street clothes. Pretty cool looking figure, now I just have to get around to getting the recent BAF Sandman from the Legends series.

Marvel Universe Hercules Action Figure

Hercules has been a friend/rival of the Hulk for a long time, in fact he tool over the Hulk’s book for a couple issues a few years back. Nice sculpted Marvel Universe figure from Hasbro, even comes with his traditional mace weapon. He’s been on a few adventures with the Hulk and is always looking to show everyone he is the best (we all know the Hulk is really the best though.)

Superhero Mashers Micro Hulk and Smash Dozer Action Figure

Marvel is still releasing more of the popular Mashers series with the Micro versions. This is a Hulk that comes with his own Hulkized bulldozer. Fun Hulk toys to have and they are going to be making some more of them.

Mini Mr. Potato Head Hulk Figure

I already had the regular sized Hulk Mr. Potato Head so I of course had to get this smaller version too. Neat little figure, his head comes off along with his hair so you can mix and match with the other Marvel heroes. Fun little figure.

Incredible Hulk and Hulkpool ( Deadpool) Minimates Action Figures

I am so thankful for Minimates. I would have never imagined that I would own a whole army of unique Hulk Lego-like figures. The sheer number of Hulk’s that Minimates has made is amazing!!! And they keep making more! Toys-R-Us just released an exclusive set that comes with a Savage Hulk and a Hulkpool (based on the storyline where the Deadpool was exposed to radiation and temporarily turned into Hulkpool! They also included enough items to turn him into regular Deadpool but who would want to do that!

Incredible Hulk Bandai Age of Ultron SHFigurats Action Figure

I think this action figure was only available in Japan but I was lucky enough to get one off of eBay. This Bandai figure looks very cool, even comes with interchangable hands and head. The sculpt is very good on the figure and it has a ton of articulation. If you collect Hulk action figures, this is a great figure to get.

WalGreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Namor Action Figure

The WalGreen’s exclusive Namor figure from the Legends line have finally come to my town. Great looking figure, this is a great figure to pick up especially if you want to put your Defender’s group together. Go track this figure down!

SDCC Exclusive Vault Set Abomination Figure

There is a new Abomination Build-A-Figure out right now with a set of Legends figure but Marvel also released a re-painted version of it with the Vault set that was exclusive at SDCC this year. The figure looks pretty good, I have to say I am happier with the older Legends Abomination figure but this is still a pretty good looking figure and worth picking up.

New Lego Hulk Set With Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, and She-Hulk

Okay, awesome news from Lego! There will be a Hulk centric set coming soon which will include the Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk and a She-Hulk figure. How great is that! See more info below:

the new set sees the Lego minifig debut of She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross) and Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) and comes with two vehicles themed around the colors of the two sets of Hulks. Both the Green Hulks’ buggy and the Red Hulks’ beefed up trike come with stud shooters, so the two sets of monster-people known for their ability to smash things with their fists can fire projectiles at each other.

The Hulk v Red Hulk set will total 375 pieces and retail for $59.99.