Official Thor Ragnarok Movie Poster

Marvel has released the official Thor Ragnarok movie poster and it prominently features the Hulk on the top! I like the look of the poster, looks pretty darn cool.

Planet Hulk Sketches From HeroesCon

My annual pilgrimage to HeroesCon and got some amazing sketches for my Planet Hulk sketchbook. I was able to get on Terry Dodson’s sketch list as this was his first time at Heroes. He always gets requests to do women characters so of course I had him do a Planet Hulk. Sean Galloway aka Cheeks has a cool animated style so got him to do a sketch in the book. Alan Davis is comic book royalty and I waited in line for 4 hours to get a sketch by him and it was so worth it. The prize is a sketch by Nick Bradshaw, also his first time at HeroesCon. The amount of detail he puts into his sketches is incredible. I can look at this sketch for hours.

Incredible Hulk 474 Cover Original Artwork by Pete and Rebecca Woods

I am very lucky to be the owner of the original artwork to Incredible Hulk 474 by Pete and Rebecca Woods. This was the last issue of the book before they rebooted it and is a great homage to the first issue of the Hulk comic book. In a weird turn of events, I now own both end of run covers when they rebooted the book, this one and the cover to issue 635. Also, issue 474 came out on the news stand on March 10, 1999 which happens to be my birthday.


Happy Birthday to Sal Buscema

Today is a great day for Hulk fans! It is the extremely talented Sal Buscema’s birthday, he was born January 26, 1936. While my first few Hulk books were by the talented Herb Trimpe, it wasn’t until I saw Sal’s artwork that I fell in love with the Hulk comic book. He was able to perfectly capture all the emotions of the Hulk along with showing just how huge and powerful he was. There have been many talented artists on the book but Sal will always, always be my favorite artist. Happy Birthday Sal!


Paul Pelletier Planet Hulk Comic Convention Sketch

Paul Pelltier quickly became one of my favorite Hulk artists when he began his run on the Hulk comic book. When a great friend told me he was going to be at Baltimore Comic Con and invited me up to attend, I could not pass up the opportunity. This is one of my favorite commissions I have ever gotten. Paul did an amazing job and is also a great guy to talk to if you ever get the chance.