Tom Brevoort Talks the Original Hulk’s Return in the Comics

Tom Brevoort was being interviewed for the upcoming No Surrender’s storyline and the hinted at return of the Hulk. This is what he had to say:

-Another “No Surrender” character we should talk about is the emerald-hued founder who was in the recent dental-themed teaser, which was designed to raise a lot of questions. When will those questions about the Hulk be answered?

-That teaser is definitely an important part of the “No Surrender” story. It’s a more important part of the second half than the first half. So that character will get prominent focus, but there is a reason that teaser says March rather than January. That’s because it’s really more a part of the back eight issues than the front eight issues.

So yes, those big teeth are going to appear in Avengers! So bring your floss. It’s going to be that kind of adventure.

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk February 2018 Solicitations

• HULK has reached the final level of THE GAUNTLET! The freedom of the DOKA’ABI CLAN rests on his shoulders alone…
• Who is the true WORLD BREAKER? With AMADEUS refusing to embrace the DARK HULK within, it’s up to the Warlord of Sakaar to show him real brutality…
• Guest-starring THE UNWORTHY THOR!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Cover by RAHZZAH
• After a harrowing encounter with THE LEADER, Jen is struggling to control the HULK inside of her.
• Time for a trip into the subconscious to discover the monster within.
• Jen visits an old friend to reconnect with her inner Hulk, and inner turmoil, to try and become the super hero she needs to be.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

There are also going to be a number of Hulk variant covers during this month for non-Hulk books. The covers that we know about are included. Love the Keown cover!!!!

Marvel Teaser Trailer for No Surrender Showing Hulk Returning

Marvel hinted that the original Hulk was coming back with the upcoming No Surrender storyline and there are definitely some people who are doubting it will actually happen. Marvel just released a teaser trailer for the No Surrender storyline and if you wait til the very end of the video, it looks like it is pretty clear that the Hulk is coming back. It’s about time.

Funko Marvel Collectors CorpsTo Feature Hulk Specific Box For December

Marvel Collector Corps is a blind box from Funko that comes out every two months and features various exclusive Funko items. They always include a comic with a Funko cover, a pin and patch, usually a t-shirt and a couple exclusive POP or Dorbz figures. This has been around for a couple years and they are finally having one box just for the Hulk!!!! Woot! You can pre-order here MCC . I’m hoping we can finally get a Joe Fixit Hulk or another incarnation. The Hulk specific items in the previous boxes have been pretty slim (not sure about the upcoming Thor Ragnarok box yet) so this is great news! Cost is $25 plus shipping so well worth the value.


Marvel Select Planet Hulk Action Figure

While there are a ton of Gladiator Hulk action figures right now for the upcoming Thor Ragnarok, I am happy to see a Hulk action figure based on the actual Planet Hulk comic book storyline. This is a Marvel Select figure so it is full plastic and weighs a ton. Very comic accurate and even has the correct detail on the helmet. Very cool action figure from Marvel Select and definitely worth picking up for your collection.

Mike McKone Variant Hulk Cover Featuring Hulk’s Friends Through the Years

Mike McKone released the original art for an upcoming variant cover for . The very cool image not only features Bruce Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk but also many of the Hulk’s friends through the years. They include Bereet, the original Defenders, Betty Ross, Glenn Talbot, the Triad from the Crossroads, the Warbound from Planet Hulk, She-Hulk, and Cho. Very cool image.


New Hardcover Edition of Planet Hulk Storyline Featuring New Cover

For Local Comic Shop Day (November 18th), Marvel is releasing a special Planet Hulk Hard Cover. With new cover art by Nick Bradshaw, this edition will be the only hard cover treatment of this storyline unless you go up to Omnibus size. Going to have to pick this up!