Thor Ragnarok Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Including Planet Hulk

Friend of the site Eagle eye Jeff spotting images of the Hallmark Christmas ornaments this year which will include Thor and Hulk from the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie. Have to say the Hulk ornament looks pretty dang cool. It’s also the first real good image of the Hulk, showing some of the war paint that is included on his body.

Incredible Hulk Bed From Thor Ragnarok Movie

At the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia, Marvel was having a showing with various props including a number from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie. One of those includes the Hulk’s bed while he is on the planet Sakaar and it appears to be the bed of a champion! Looks awesome, like it was made out of the skull of some creature. What are the odds of me convincing my wife to get one of these for our bedroom?

hulk bed 2

Hulk bed

Thor Ragnaork Trailer is Here!!

Okay, given that they were incorporating the Planet Hulk storyline into the Thor movie, I was obviously looking forward to it. But I have to say that after seeing this trailer, this is now my number 1 movie for the year to see. It now tops Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. This is going to be an awesome, incredible movie. And the Led Zeppelin song in the background is just perfect.

Thor Ragnaork Promo Poster Featuring Planet Hulk

It seems that the first official trailer for Thor Ragnarok is the best Marvel trailer to date, at least according to James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Maybe it will be coming soon! Until that happens, Marvel has released a new promo image for the movie, featuring Thor and Hulk in his Planet Hulk armor. Again, this is going to be an awesome movie!


Thor Ragnarok Movie Lego Sets Including Actual Planet Hulk Lego Figure

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I would see an official actual Planet Hulk Lego figure from Lego, I would have said no way. Well with the forthcoming Thor Ragnarok movie it looks like we will get at least one Planet Hulk figure. There is an auction up on eBay for just the Planet Hulk figure from one of the movie Lego sets. Seller is asking a LOT of money for it, I can wait. Sounds like there will be two sets, needless to say, I will be getting both.

Set #1
-Gladiator Ring
-Gladiator Hulk, Thor (with helmet mold), Loki, Grandmaster, and a guard

Set #2
-Ship build
-Bruce Banner (about to change to Hulk), Thor (with helmet mold), Valkyrie, Hela, and two henchmen

Planet Hulk lego