Ruffalo Thinks Hulk and Thor will Fight in Upcoming Thor Movie

During a press tour for his upcoming film “Spotlight,” “Avengers” star Mark Ruffalo spoke a little about his role in “Thor: Ragnarok”

During a press tour for his upcoming film “Spotlight,” “Avengers” star Mark Ruffalo spoke a little about his role in “Thor: Ragnarok” and revealed to The Daily News that he believes Hulk will tussle with the God of Thunder himself.

“I don’t really know that much about it, but I think it’s going to be a buddy picture with Thor and Bruce Banner,” he shared. “I think they’ll probably fight… There’s no doubt, everyone wants us to fight at one point.”

The Incredible Hulk Confirmed to be in Next Thor Movie. WOOT!

It started out as just a rumor but now it is official: Marvel Studios is nearing a deal with Mark Ruffalo to bring the Hulk & Bruce Banner into Thor: Ragnarok. The report states that the Hulk will have a “prominent role” in the film which is set to be directed by Taika Waititi, who was recently reported to have been brought in to lighten the dark “post-apocalyptic” script delivered by Chris Yost. The third installment in the Thor series is currently being described as a “cosmic road trip movie” that would team up the characters on another planet that is neither Earth nor Asgard. PLANET HULK PLANET HULK PLANET HULK (okay, that’s just me wishing)

Will The Incredible Hulk Appear in the Thor : Ragnarok Movie : Planet Hulk Related?

Per the website JoBlo:

“Hot on the heels of NYCC, we’ve gotten word from our inside sources that THOR: RAGNAROK will see Chris Hemsworth’s Thor team up with none other than Mark Ruffalo’s HULK for the Odinson’s third solo film, which finds the God of Thunder facing what amounts to the Norse Apocalypse. Only this time out he’ll have some help from a fellow Avenger.

Mark Ruffalo joins Tom Hiddleston (also confirmed by our sources) and Jaimie Alexander in RAGNAROK, which we’ve also heard will involve a “distant planet” that is “not Asgard and not Earth.” What does that mean? Certainly the theory will be made that this is where Marvel will work in the long-rumored Planet Hulk storyline, and although we can’t completely verify that, we can’t completely deny it either. I’ll leave it to you on how you want to place your bets, but I know where my money is going. Regardless, Ruffalo is on board. As to how much time he’ll spend as Hulk vs. Banner, we can’t say, only that he’s absolutely part of the supporting cast and will feature prominently.”

Sounds like it could definitely be a way to incorporate the Planet Hulk storyline and have Mark Ruffalo in human form and have Thor to help round it out.

The Hulk Not In Captain America Civil War Movie and Here’s Why

We have all seen the rumors of Mark Ruffalo being on the set of the Captain America Civil War movie and rumors were going around about the Hulk being in the movie. There was some promotional art for the movie released last week showing the two “sides” of the movie and the HUlk was not to be found. Mark Ruffalo is doing a tour around the globe to promote a current movie and during that, he spoke with the Italian Website Bad Taste and this was his comment (translated) from the website:

“Because it’s still missing is not known where. I thought that I would be in the film, but in the end evidently believe that reveal what happened Hulk is something too big, and Marvel wants to use this information later. My character had been inserted in the script, but then it was taken away. Who knows, maybe Hulk will never return. However, they want to keep the revelation of what happened a secret, because it is something really big.”

A cleaned up version shows his comment as this:

“The reason is too great to be revealed in this movie (Civil War),” Ruffalo tells “I was in the script but then they removed my character. They don’t want to reveal where is he and why. I don’t even know if Hulk will be back soon.”

Hopefully Marvel is planning something big for the Hulk (PLANET HULK PLANET HULK PLANET HULK) so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Kevin Feige Talks Hulk Being in Captain America Civil War

A few weeks ago, a rumor was making the rounds that the Hulk would appear in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, helped by Robert Downey Jr saying that the Hulk would be in it.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Feige told io9 that Hulk may not appear at all — and, if he does, it will only be in a minor role. “[Hulk] is not a primary part of ‘Civil War.’ He may not be a part at all,” he revealed.

I am hoping he is just trying to surprise us.

Incredible Hulk Still Coming to TV?

Rumors are popping up again of a possible Incredible Hulk series. A few years ago, Guillermo Del Toro was working on a potential series but it never got off the ground after a long time. This looks to be a new rumor and would deal with a prequel Hulk before Avengers movies. Not sure how I feel about this. While it would be great to have a Hulk tv show, I would still want a big screen Hulk movie and I would hate for a tv show to prevent that. I want a Planet Hulk movie!!!

Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk in the Next Captain America Movie?

Captain America: Civil War has started filming and we already know that almost all the Avengers are going to be in it but there has been no official word that the Hulk will appear in the film. Well that may be changing per some recent tweets from Mark. “The Marvel family gets just a little bit bigger,” he tweeted. He also posted a photo on Tumblr announcing the release date of the film. “Welcome to the wild party! Looking forward to this amazing cast.” Nothing official of course but it sounds like he will be making an appearance to me.