Planet Hulk Helmet From Thor: Ragnarok Movie Shown at SDCC

From the floors of SDCC, props from new years Thor: Ragnarok movie and they include the Planet Hulk style helmet and his battle axe. How freakin awesome is this. I must have this helmet, that is all there is to it. Again how completely awesome does that helmet look. I am almost speechless.

Hulk and Banner Showdown in the Upcoming Thor Movie?

Mark Ruffalo spoke with Collider and had the following to say about the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok:

Reiterating that “the only person the Hulk is scared of in the entire world is Banner.”

“What’s exciting about Bruce at this point,” Ruffalo said, “is the arc he’s ultimately making and his relationship to the Hulk. And how that is going to resolve itself. No one’s really gone to that place. They’re coming for a collision course with each other. I think could be pretty exciting if we could find a way to do it, multi-dimensionally.”

How cool is that! Of course they should have just made a Planet Hulk movie and have Thor guest star instead.

More Rumors on Planet Hulk spin for Thor: Ragnarak Movie

Some more rumors on the Thor: Ragnarak movie coming in 2017 and how the classic Planet Hulk storyline plays into it:

“The usually on point blog Joblo says Ragnarok will feature a version of that story, which found Hulk battling Gladiator-style on a distant planet. How will it happen? Well, this is just a rumor at this point but, in case it’s true, we’ll drop this.

According to the site, when Thor finds Hulk in the movie, he’s fighting in games run by the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum. They don’t reveal how he got there, if this is by design, or how he and Thor team up, but that’s the report. Beyond that, the site says Hulk will be sporting some version of the one shoulder outfit from the Planet Hulk comics, the first time he’ll have a new look in the MCU. (Apparently, Thor himself may also have a new look in the film, with a partially shaved head.) Then there’s Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, who JoBlo reports will “be wearing war paint on her face, much like a Native American warrior.””

Mark Ruffalo Talks Hulk’s Role In Upcoming Thor Movie

Mark Ruffalo recently discussed the upcoming Thor:Ragnarok and the Hulk’s role

“According to Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, his role in Thor: Ragnarok isn’t a simple cameo: he’s Thor’s full-fledged companion for the sequel.

“It’s an intergalactic buddy road movie with [Bruce] Banner and Thor,” Ruffalo told Entertainment Tonight. “I think it will be smashing. You’ll see a lot more Hulk …The Hulk gets Hulk-ier. The Hulk hulks out. Hulk-ier and bigger.”

Ruffalo also had some choice words about Thor and Hulk’s nemesis in the film, Cate Blanchett’s Hela.

“She plays the worst of the worst. So evil. She is going to kill us. It’s such a great part she gets to play.”

So the Hulk Is Going to be in Captain America: Civil War Now?

Anthony Mackie was doing an interview and he had the following comment:

“It’s more of an acting movie than an action movie. I feel like the story is very concise and interesting. And you get to see Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evens, Scarlett Johannsson and Mark Ruffalo, and everybody, just do really good acting.”

Sounds like the Hulk may be in the movie after all. Mark has denied it when the rumors first came out so it might be that his appearance is either a small cameo or is meant to be a surprise and may even lead into his appearance in the next THor movie.

Mark Ruffalo Talks “Solo” Hulk Movie Through Other Movies

Yes, we all want a Hulk solo movie, the whole world wants a solo Hulk movie but it just isn’t going to happen yet. But we may get a “solo” Hulk movie via other movies. Mark Ruffalo was talking to Yahoo and talked about the situation:

“Ruffalo said that while he still wants to do a solo Hulk movie, those rights are tied up with Universal. However, “we’ve worked a really interesting arc into Thor 3, Avengers 3 and 4 for Banner that I think will – when it’s all added up – will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie,” said Ruffalo.

Age of Ultron brought a tremendous emotional reckoning for Hulk, and even though there’s not a “big” moment—he doesn’t kill or anyone or anything like that—he does realize he needs to be cut off from the world because he still doesn’t know how to be a part of it. That’s a story that could definitely require three movies to tell because clearly the first two Avengers movies didn’t solve Banner’s problem of how to be part of a team or control “the other guy.”

Hulk’s Role In Thor’s Upcoming Movie WARNING SPOILER

Okay, if this is the case, I am not happy at all. It seems like Thor has hijacked Hulk’s Planet Hulk storyline for his own. The Planet Hulk storyline brought the Hulk back to awesomeness and for Thor to take it for his own and put the Hulk as a side roll, ala the Silver Surfer in the original storyline, is just not cool. Just give the Hulk a Planet Hulk movie, it will work.

Anyways, here is news from

“The rumor was that Marvel was planning to weave the character through the Avengers “Phases” in a creative way, banishing the Hulk from Earth after Avengers 2, spinning off into his own Planet Hulk movie (based on the Greg Pak comics storyline of the same name) and returning him to Earth in Phase Three in some sort of World War Hulk (also a comic book storyline) Avengers movie. The specifics of that arc were outright denied by Marvel staff over and over again, leading up to Joss Whedon’s follow-up (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and after the Hulk mysteriously steals a Quinjet and disappears at the end of that movie.

When Joss Whedon was asked if Planet Hulk or World War Hulk were going to be a Phase Three movies, his response was: “Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.” Which is what makes what follows all the more amazing.

According to our sources, after Thor catches on to Hela and Loki’s (still mysterious) plot that is going down in Asgard, Hela destroys Mjolnir, and banishes Thor from Asgard (which we covered here). Loki and Hela’s plan involves the major arc of the Marvel Universe, and just when it looks like Thor is about to put a stop to it, he gets banished — but not to any old planet. He ends up on a gladiatorial planet where his head is shaved and he’s forced to fight for his life. Let’s call this planet Sakaar, like it was in the comic books.

Thor knows that he has to get to some MacGuffin weapon object to defeat Hela and Loki (could this be the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos is in possession of, or maybe an assemblage of Infinity Stones?) and he has to get off the planet. Thor runs through all of his alien opponents in gladiatorial combat, even without his trademark hammer. Finally, Thor has to face the current champion of the arena, and wouldn’t you know who that ends up being? The Hulk.

When we reconnect with Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, he’s managed to avoid reverting back to the Banner state since we last saw him in the Quinjet in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hulk in Hulk form is pretty much unkillable, so he survived the trip to Sakaar (however he got there). His “Banner” is starting to seep through into the Hulk persona, and because of the Hulk-Banner melding, Hulk actually remembers Thor and his relationship to him. That’s what starts the two on a Midnight Run to the MacGuffin that Thor desperately needs.

Some of these details could shift like the sands of time considering the shooting script for Thor: Ragnarok hasn’t been locked down, but sources confirm that the outline is there: Marvel found a way to include the Planet Hulk storyline without having to attempt a solo Hulk movie where everyone is a CGI character, not to mention dealing with the character’s solo movie rights (which has some sort of hold-up with Universal). Instead, gladiator Chris Hemsworth will be the audience’s focus as Thor picks up Hulk on his road-trip through the stars.”

Thor: Ragnarok will be in theaters November 3, 2017.

Joe Russo Confirms No Red Hulk In Captain America Civil War Movie

Per an article on
ith a whole team of Avengers as well as Iron Man and a few new superheroes, “Captain America: Civil War” could end up being the Marvel movie with the most heroes in it to date. There’s one character that fans have been expecting to see, ever since it was announced that William Hurt would reprise his role as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross: the Red Hulk.

Hulk and Thor remain the only A-list Avengers not in the film, so some have speculated that “Civil War” would feel the presence of a Hulk by taking General Ross down a path similar to that of his comic book counterpart. During a lengthy interview from a recent international press tour, directors Joe and Anthony Russo discussed many aspects of “Civil War,” revealing more about Hurt’s antagonist.

Joe Russo weighed in on the rumors swirling around Ross’ possible transformation into the Red Hulk in the film, giving a definitive statement. “There’s always a chance at Marvel that you can see anything,” said Joe Russo with a smile. “But there, uh, let’s say — there is no Red Hulk in ‘Civil War.’”

The wording could leave a little wiggle room for surprise, as “no Red Hulk” does not preclude the arrival of any other color Hulk. But taking the quote at face value, there will be no Red Hulk in the film. But just because General Ross might not get any new superpowers, he’ll still be a threat.

“General Ross has a big presence in ‘Civil War,'” said Joe Russo. “He’s a character who was ham-fisted in his approach in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ — and that’s probably a polite way to put it. And I think he’s learned from his over-aggressiveness in that movie and he’s become more of a politician. He’s much savvier now, and he’s cornering the Avengers. Superheroes have always been anathema to him. He’s not a fan of them, and so now he’s come at them strategically by aligning the world against them and cornering them. So, he’s gotten much savvier and I think you’ll find that he’s grown as a character. He’s different than he was in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and he’s a more formidable and political opponent to them.”

Well, I know that this Incredible Hulk fan was not wondering this at all. Actually I was hoping that I would never hear the words Red Hulk again. Please never use the Red Hulk in a movie. Never.

Avengers Age of Ultron Sideshow Toys Incredible Hulk Maquette

Sideshow Toys is releasing a new Incredible Hulk maquette based on the Avengers Age of Ultron Movie. The statue will cost $750.00 and will ship Dec 2016-Feb 2017. If you get the Sideshow Exclusive version, you get a name plate along with it. Click on the link below to order it now!

Marvel Hulk Marvel Maquette

24″ H (609.6mm) x 23″ W (584.2mm) x 17″ L (431.8mm)

3″ H (76.2mm) x 8″ W (203.2mm) x 3″ L (76.2mm)*
Tabletop View »
Product Weight
32.50 lbs (14.74 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int’l Dim. Weight

Anthony Francisco (Design)
Dan Katcher (Design)
Jean-Paul Mavinga (Design)
Martin Canale (Sculpt)
Guillermo Barbiero (Sculpt)
Tim Gore (Paint)
Kat Sapene (Paint)
Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)
Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication)
Margaux Pinero (Costume Fabrication)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team