A Planet Hulk Movie Can Happen So Says Mark Ruffalo

During a discussion with IGN in regards to the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron movie, this exchange occurred:

Mark Ruffalo: “I think there’s a lot of places to go with him [Hulk].”

Scarlett Johansson: “Like where?”

IGN: “Space?”

Ruffalo: “Well he’s going to space. Yeah, I mean there’s some talk of maybe Planet Hulk.”

IGN: “Would you like to see that?”

Ruffalo: “I’d be completely interested in entertaining that.”

So if Mark is up for a Planet Hulk movie and every single Hulk fan is up for a Planet Hulk movie, let’s get going Marvel!!

Hulk vs Hulkbuster in Avengers Ultron Movie: The Reason for the Fight SPOILERS

We have all seen the Avengers Age of Ultron trailers with the scenes of the Hulk fighting Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor. There has been lots of talk about why the two science buddies would be fighting and now we know. During a recent Disney meeting with investors, they explained the fight. Keep reading but this is a SPOILER so turn back now if you don’t want to know.

-Hulk has lost control and wreaking havoc in an urban area, destroying everything on the street.
-Heavily armed police units and armored vehicles attempt to stop him by shooting at Hulk. No effect.
-Iron Man flies in and orders the police to stop.
-Stark is prepared for this and there are curious objects flying alongside him.
-Metal plates come from the sky and smash into the ground in front and around Hulk, surrounding him and encasing him in a cell of sorts to contain him.
Hulk breaks free.
-Iron Man in wearing his main Mark 43 suit and then pieces began assembling much like the armor from Iron Man 3 forming the Hulkbuster around him. The end of this bit was shown in the first Avengers 2 trailer.
-Stark attempts to talk down Hulk: “The witch is messing with your brain. You’re smarter than her, you’re Bruce Banner.”
-Then it turns into hardcore action as they fight and smash through the streets and up and down buildings.
-Hulkbuster has the edge until Hulk gets behind him and stabs a traffic light through the armor.
-Like we said above, Stark is prepared for this, and as the Hulkbuster outer armor takes damage, pieces fall off and new pieces come in to replace. It’s a modular design.
-At one point, Iron Man gets on top of Hulk and repeatedly punches at his face, while saying “Sleep, go to sleep.”
-No effect.
-Stark’s plan is seemingly to get Hulk out of the area so he commands one of the fallen off, broken arm pieces to attach to Hulk and help him fly out of the area.

Joss Whedon Talks Incredible Hulk in Avengers Movie

In an interview with SFX, Avengers Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon had this to say about the Hulk in the upcoming movie:
“There is more Hulk in this movie than there was in the last first,” Whedon revealed to SFX. It was great to see The Hulk smashing alien invaders in The Avengers, but at times it felt like he was there to be a spectacle and not a well-developed character. That won’t be the case in the sequel. “What I love is we have the opportunity, because we went in with this mission statement, to shoot the Hulk like a character in a movie, and not like a ‘Look what we’ve got!’ We have ‘overs’ – blurry ‘Hulk’s over there! Bits, very quick shots,” Whedon explained. “Everything isn’t ‘We built the Hulk so for god’s sake you’re going to watch him in this long take, full frame, the whole time!’ We really got to make him one of the characters in the movie. And that was a gift.”

Avengers Age of Ultron Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster Mini Action Figure Set

The next Avengers movie is just around the corner and the toys keep coming! This is a set if mini action figures featuring the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Hulkbuster armor. This is probably the smallest Hulk figure that they will be releasing for the movie, only 5 points of articulation. The sculpt is okay, can’t have a lot of detail due to the small size of it and lot the other main movie toys, it is geared towards small kids. The Hulkbuster armor is pretty cool, you can open it up and put in an Iron Man figure from another set. The only problem, similar to the problem I had with the other movie Hulk figure, is that he just doesn’t seem to want to stand up straight. I have to arrange his feet so that it looks like he is leaning over just so he wouldn’t fall over. Little frustrating. When I picked up this set from Target, there was also another smaller set of just the Hulk figure with a sub-ultron figure. The Hulk was exactly the same, even the pants color was the same. I am not collecting every single Hulk toy anymore and since the figure was exactly the same, I didn’t pick it up, just took a pic. If they had done anything to make it unique, I would have picked it up for sure.

Fathead to Release Age of Ultron Decals Including Incredible Hulk and Hulkbuster

Fathead will be releasing a line of Avengers Age of Ultron decals featuring the Avengers and Ultron with images just being released. They will have the standard decals along with two very cool looking images featuring Hulk vs Iron Man. You can order here. How cool would it be to have both the Hulk and the Hulkbuster up on your wall!

Funko Releases Images of Incredible Hulk Figures and Toys for Avengers Age of Ultron Movie

I already posted yesterday about the Hot Topic grey exclusive Pop Hulk figure, and now Funko has officially released images of the entire Avengers related toys they are making and there are a bunch of Hulks! Those include a regular Hulk Pop figure, another set of Mystery Mini’s although they don’t show what the variants will be so hopefully the Hulk will be one of them, a Hulk keychain, a Hulk bobblehead, and a finally a Hulk Fabrikation which is a plush type toy. They have done some other Marvel Fabrikations and I am glad to see them finally come out with a Hulk. Looks like most of these will be available in March or April so be on the lookout!