Gladiator Hulk Hot Wheels Car

Finally was able to track down the Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk vehicle in the store! Was not going to pay the over inflated price on eBay. Love this thing as it has the Hulk’s helmet on it, even has a blue trim piece on the back like the Hulk did on his arm in the movie.

Target Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop and T-shirt

I don’t remember this ever being announced by Target has an exclusive Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop and T-shirt combo pack. The Gladiator Hulk is the same style as the first one released but it has the same color scheme as the Hulk on the t-shirt, very retro. Get this before they are all gone! I tried to get them to ship it to my local Target store and they would not so not sure if these will be in stores or just online. You can order the XL version here: Funko Pop


Walgreens Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Funko Dorbz Figure

It didn’t come out for a couple weeks after the movie but better late than never! This is another Gladiator Hulk Dorbz but this one doesn’t have his helmet. It is exclusive to Wal-greens and I think you could only order through their online website, I don’t think this will be showing up in stores. Still cute and still deadly.

Mezco Toyz Gladiator Hulk Action Figure Up For Order

Mezco Toyz have finally released their Gladiator Hulk action figure for release in May 2018. You read that right, May 2018. The figure looks pretty darn good, the sculpt is really nice and he comes with two different heads and three sets of hands. Cost is $125 so not as much as Hot Toys but more than the Legends Build A Figure. To order one, you can get it through BigBadToyStore

Here are the details on the figure:

Product Features

7.87 inches (20cm)
Made of plastic
An all new One:12 Collective body accurately depicting the character’s massive physical build
Over 28 points of articulation
Film accurate costume
Box Contents

Hulk Figure
Figure stand
Alternate helmeted head
6 Alternate hands
Pair of fists
Pair of posing hands
Pair of holding hands
Battle axe
Sculpted body armor
Sculpted cross body belt
Sculpted shoulder guard
Sculpted wrist guard
Sculpted wrist armor
Sculpted shin armor
Sculpted sandals
Fabric armband
Fabric tunica with screened detailing
Fabric tasset with screened detailing
Fabric shorts with screened detaiing
One:12 Collective display base with logo
One:12 Collective adjustable display post