Happy Birthday to Sal Buscema

Today is a great day for Hulk fans! It is the extremely talented Sal Buscema’s birthday, he was born January 26, 1936. While my first few Hulk books were by the talented Herb Trimpe, it wasn’t until I saw Sal’s artwork that I fell in love with the Hulk comic book. He was able to perfectly capture all the emotions of the Hulk along with showing just how huge and powerful he was. There have been many talented artists on the book but Sal will always, always be my favorite artist. Happy Birthday Sal!


Incredible Hulk Cow by David Nakayama

Marvel artist David Nakayama, who worked on a kid-oriented Hulk comic book before, has created a Hulk cow!! The Hulk Cow was commissioned for the San Luis Obispo County Cow Parade in California. The parade itself is an international art exhibit that has made its way to cities like Paris, Athens and Rome. The San Luis County event will feature 101 painted cows on display between September, 2016 and May, 2017 to celebrate the county’s agricultural history and growing arts scene.

The cows will be auctioned off for charity at the close of the event. The proceeds will benefit local San Luis County nonprofits.

Incredible Hulk Secret Identity Black Suit

Have you ever wanted to walk town the street, knowing that inside was the Hulk trying to get out but also looking sharp at the same time? Now you can with Fun.com’s Secrety Identity Incredible Hulk black suit. Take a look at the pictures below at how cool the suit actually looks. The inside of the jacket has an image of the Hulk and the tie has some great SMASH words on it. Plus the small Hulk fist on the cuff. The price really isn’t that bad for the cost of a suit and you will look sharp! take a look here to order your own suit: Hulk Suit

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle

Marvel has always had a good relationship with Harley Davidson and now they are taking it one step further. Harley dealerships in Australia and New Zealand have made a series of custom motorcycles based on various Marvel heroes and villains. I have to see the Incredible Hulk bike is the best looking bike out of all of them. The Iron Man bike does look pretty good also but the Hulk is definitely best. Take a look at all of them here: Marvel Harley Bikes


North Carolina loves the Hulk!!!

Ranker recently did a poll asking people who their favorite superhero is and they took the 84,000 votes that were entered and broke it down to what was the top hero in each state. I should note that the favorite hero for where I live is the Hulk. How awesome is that. So great to see also that there are 5 states in total that like the Hulk more than any other Marvel character. Here is the total list below:

Alabama: Wolverine

Alaska: Iron Man

Arizona: Wolverine

Arkansas: Hulk

California: Spider-Man

Colorado: Gambit

Connecticut: Spider-Man

Delaware: Spider-Man

Florida: Deadpool

Georgia: Thor

Hawaii: Spider-Man

Idaho: Iron Man

Illinois: Wolverine

Indiana: Iron Man

Iowa: Wolverine

Kansas: Captain America

Kentucky: Spider-Man

Louisiana: Spider-Man

Maine: Deadpool

Maryland: Wolverine

Massachusetts: Spider-Man

Michigan: Captain America

Minnesota: Spider-Man

Mississippi: Wolverine

Missouri: Deadpool

Montana: Captain America

Nebraska: Doctor Strange

Nevada: Punisher

New Hampshire: Hulk

New Jersey: Spider-Man

New Mexico: Wolverine

New York: Captain America

North Carolina: Hulk

North Dakota: Spider-Man

Ohio: Captain America

Oklahoma: Spider-Man

Oregon: Wolverine

Pennsylvania: Iron Man

Rhode Island: Captain America

South Carolina: Thor

South Dakota: Deadpool

Tennessee: Colossus

Texas: Spider-Man

Utah: Deadpool

Vermont: Hulk

Virginia: Captain America

Washington: Spider-Man

West Virginia: Wolverine

Wisconsin: Hulk

Wyoming: Wolverine

Hulk Toys For My Birthday

It was my birthday a few days ago and my girls got me some cool Hulk stuff. They got a poster of Alex Ross’s Incredible Hulk issue 500 cover along with a Marvel comics shirt with a bunch of Marvel heroes on it. They also got me a really cool Hulk pin with Sal Buscema artwork from Universal Studios, a small Hulk bobble-head from Universal Studios and a Hulk Funko keychain. Have to love it when your kids know exactly what to get you.


Incredible Hulk Toys From San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2015

It’s the first official day of the San Diego Comic Con and there are already a lots of Incredible Hulk related toys that are making an appearance. Given the Avengers 2 movie, there is a lot of Hulkbuster stuff everywhere!

The Lego company created an amazing display featuring the Incredible Hulk and Hulkbuster in the classic scene where the Hulk and Iron Man fight. It took Master Builders 575 hours to design and build the Hulkbuster, using 78,083 bricks, with another 200 hours and 22,560 bricks consumed by the Green Goliath. The combined piece, which measures 58 inches by 136 inches by 67 inches.

Neca will be releasing an 18″ Incredible Hulk figure from the Age of Ultron movie. Not sure if this is a statue or more action figure. Sculpt looks great, hope it is an action figure.

Legends is releasing a box set for Age of Ultron featuring a Bruce Banner figure that looks like Mark Ruffalo. Cool.

Sideshow Collectibles had some interesting Age of Ultron figures that had two different Hulk versions. A regular one and a Scarlet Witch possessed Hulk. Not sure what the deal is but they look pretty cool.

Minimates has a bunch of Hulk stuff. Looks like there will be a Kluh figure from an Axis set. Looks to be an Avengers Age of Ultron set with two Hulks, a regular and a Scarlet Witch possessed version. There looks like there may be a set based on the Marvel animated series that features a Hulk. Can’t tell if it is a new one.