Fanatical Incredible Hulk Episodes Featuring Me

Back in 2007, I was lucky enough to be featured on a Canadian tv show called Fanatical. They would do episodes built around obsessive collectors of certain characters such as the Dukes of Hazard, the A-Team, etc. and they picked myself and a friend of mine, Bruno Tapia, to film an episode around. It was a great time and it allowed me to visit Marvel Studios and meet Joe Quesada and Mark Pannicia. Great time and I was finally able to tell my wife it was worth spending all that money on Hulk toys. Enjoy!

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Incredible Hulk Box

The latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps box just arrived and the whole box is dedicated to the one and only Incredible Hulk. I have to say that I really love all the items that came with the box and I was surprised at the number of non-Funko specific items there were in the box. I will be posting an individual post on most of the items but I am showing the items as they were in the box. The box contained 1) special Funko POPs 2-pack featuring 1st appearance grey Hulk and Bruce Banner, 2) a soft Incredible Hulk Dorbz stress toy, 3) a Hulk patch featuring a classic image of the Hulk’s face (love this), 4) Gladitor Hulk POPs keychain, and 5)a t-shirt showing Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk (not Funko style). The box also featured some great comic book images of the Hulk and a sheet was included that went over the items that were included and a little bit about how they were designed for the box. If you are a Hulk fan, this a great addition to your collection, all the items are really great.

Gladiator Hulk Hot Wheels Car

Finally was able to track down the Hot Wheels Gladiator Hulk vehicle in the store! Was not going to pay the over inflated price on eBay. Love this thing as it has the Hulk’s helmet on it, even has a blue trim piece on the back like the Hulk did on his arm in the movie.