Books A Million Exclusive Funko Dorbz Casual Hulk Figure

Who would have thought Books A Million stores would have an exclusive Hulk figure! Apparently they have a number of exclusive Funko figures. This is the cute Dorbz series and features the “casual” Hulk from the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie.

New Hallmark Gladiator Hulk Ornament

Hallmark already released images of the upcoming Gladiator Hulk ornament that should be coming out in a few weeks. Looks like they will have another one that will probably be available in general stores like Target and Wal-Mart. As you can see, the detail is not quite what the first one was.

Meeting Dale Keown at Fan Expo Toronto

Dale Keown has always been one of my favorite Hulk artists, heck he is right behind Sal Buscema. When he was on the book, he brought a dynamic and energy and hugeness to the Hulk. I own the original artwork forpage 6 of issue 390 which is the bunny slippers page with the big guns. Since I started my Planet Hulk sketchbook back in 2009, one of me “get” goals has always been to get a Dale Keown sketch in the book but since he only does cons in Canada, I figured it would never happen. When it was announced that Dale was doing a pre-list for Fan Expo, I jumped at the chance and was lucky enough to get on the list. My gamma brother Dave from was also lucky enough to get on the list so we decided to make the trek up to Toronto for the show It was a 14 hour drive for me (split into two 7 hour days) but it was an incredible experience to meet Dale and watch him work. I got to watch Dale as he drew multiple commissions during the weekend(including a few Hulks) and talk to him a bit while he worked. Dale is an extremely nice guy and is beyond talented. The amount of work and detail he puts into every piece he does is a site to see. It was a really cool experience to meet an artist that you grew up amazed at his artwork and someone you have a tattoo of on your chest. He will be working on my sketchbook after the con and I can not wait to see how it comes out. I of course got him to sign my page 390 and my gammabro Dave got his page signed. Fan Expo was a great con as I got to meet up with other comic art collectors and talk to a number of other artists also. Looking forward to going back again (and hopefully getting more artwork from Dale 😉 )



Thor Ragnarok Weapons and Costumes Including Hulk Hammer and Axe From Fan Expo

I was lucky enough to get to go to Fan Expo Toronto this weekend and Marvel had a display of costumes and weapons from the movie including Hulk’s axe and battle hammer. It was very cool to see the pieces that close up and it has made me even more anxious to see the movie. Besides Hulk’s weapons included the costumes and weapons included Thor battle arena costume and swords, Hela costume and headdress, Loki costume, Skurge costume and axe, Grandmaster costume, Valykrie costume and daggers. Of course I had to get a picture taken of myself with the Hulk’s weapons. If only they let me pick them up….. Along with myself, my Gamma-brother Jade Giant from was also able to attend. Always great to geek out about Hulk stuff with another fan and friend. Take a look and enjoy!