Empire Magazine with Gladiator Hulk On the Cover

Empire Magazine is a British movie based magazine that always has some cool covers and an upcoming one is no exception. For the Thor Ragnarok movie, they are going to have two covers, one with Thor and one with Gladiator Hulk and it looks great. And it looks like the magazine will come with a Marvel figure, maybe it will be the Hulk. One can only hope!!!!


Official Thor Ragnarok Movie Poster

Marvel has released the official Thor Ragnarok movie poster and it prominently features the Hulk on the top! I like the look of the poster, looks pretty darn cool.

Thor Ragnarok Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Including Planet Hulk

Friend of the site Eagle eye Jeff spotting images of the Hallmark Christmas ornaments this year which will include Thor and Hulk from the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie. Have to say the Hulk ornament looks pretty dang cool. It’s also the first real good image of the Hulk, showing some of the war paint that is included on his body.

Thor Ragnaork Trailer is Here!!

Okay, given that they were incorporating the Planet Hulk storyline into the Thor movie, I was obviously looking forward to it. But I have to say that after seeing this trailer, this is now my number 1 movie for the year to see. It now tops Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. This is going to be an awesome, incredible movie. And the Led Zeppelin song in the background is just perfect.

Thor Ragnarok T-shirts with Planet Hulk Images

Thanks to Jeff K., here are some t-shirts for the upcoming Thor Ragnaork movie with the Hulk. Based on the photos, they have done a perfect job capturing the look of Planet Hulk. Can not wait to see what Hulk related action figures and toys come out with this movie. Better make more room on the shelves.

Marvel Collectors Corp Hulk Red Hulk Pin From Funko

Funko, maker of many cool collectibles, started putting out collection box of Marvel based merchandise last year called Collector Corp. They’ve had many cool items but have finally put a Hulk based item in a collection. In the latest box, called Superhero Showdown, they have a cool pin with half the face of the Hulk and half the face of Red Hulk (actually they just collected one half red). Very cool pin. Looking forward to the Thor Ragnarok box later in the fall as I am sure there will be at least one Hulk item, hopefully a Planet Hulk Pop figure.

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