Marvel Titan Series Hulk Action Figure 3rd Version

Hasbro has come out with yet a 3rd version of their Titan Series Hulk and this is the best so far for a couple reason. It has a new body and face sculpt along with green color and even has more articulation than the previous versions. The box is also more Hulk centric which is an improvement too. The body chest size is a little smaller but it still is a pretty good looking figure. These are geared more towards smaller kids but still fun to have in a collection. There is a comparison between the 1st and 3rd version to show the changes.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Maestro Action Figure

Always glad to see an incarnation of the Hulk come along and we get the recent version of the Maestro from the Contest of Champions comic book series. The smaller Infinite Series figures can be hit or miss on paint and sculpt but this one is perfect in every way. The paint job is great and the sculpting is spot on. Even if you don’t collect a lot of Hulk figures, this is one to find for sure.

Thor Ragnarok T-shirts with Planet Hulk Images

Thanks to Jeff K., here are some t-shirts for the upcoming Thor Ragnaork movie with the Hulk. Based on the photos, they have done a perfect job capturing the look of Planet Hulk. Can not wait to see what Hulk related action figures and toys come out with this movie. Better make more room on the shelves.

Marvel Collectors Corp Hulk Red Hulk Pin From Funko

Funko, maker of many cool collectibles, started putting out collection box of Marvel based merchandise last year called Collector Corp. They’ve had many cool items but have finally put a Hulk based item in a collection. In the latest box, called Superhero Showdown, they have a cool pin with half the face of the Hulk and half the face of Red Hulk (actually they just collected one half red). Very cool pin. Looking forward to the Thor Ragnarok box later in the fall as I am sure there will be at least one Hulk item, hopefully a Planet Hulk Pop figure.

FullSizeRender (1)

Concept Art From Thor: Ragnarok Featuring Planet Hulk

Marvel Studios has released some new concept art from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie featuring more looks at what the Hulk will look like in his Planet Hulk look. I will say this again, I can not wait for this movie!!

Playskool Heroes Throwing Incredible Hulk Action Figure

I thought I had stumbled across all the Playskool Hulk figures but I found this one at Target. Just a simple figure who has arm throwing action. Not sure what exactly he is packed with but you pull his arm back and he throws it.

Incredible Hulk 474 Cover Original Artwork by Pete and Rebecca Woods

I am very lucky to be the owner of the original artwork to Incredible Hulk 474 by Pete and Rebecca Woods. This was the last issue of the book before they rebooted it and is a great homage to the first issue of the Hulk comic book. In a weird turn of events, I now own both end of run covers when they rebooted the book, this one and the cover to issue 635. Also, issue 474 came out on the news stand on March 10, 1999 which happens to be my birthday.


Avengers Animated Series Incredible Hulk Action Figure

I didn’t even know this line was coming out, looks to be based on the current Marvel’s Avengers animated cartoon. The Hulk figure isn’t too bad, if you have seen the cartoon, the look of the Hulk figure. Not a lot of articulation but a good Hulk figure none the less.